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The Chapel of Nefer & Kahay £70.00 Incl. Delivery (usual price £90)


The Chapel of Irukaptah/The Chapel of Neferherenptah £70.00 Incl. Delivery (usual price £90)


This offer is only available until 30th November 2019


Please be aware that due to OEE's ongoing fieldwork in Egypt, it will not be possible for us to process your order until we return after our Autumn season in late November/early December.


To secure your order at this special offer price, pleasure ensure you order before the 30th of November.


Orders placed and paid for whilst we are conducting our fieldwork will be acknowledged via email and processed as soon as possible upon our return. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but trust you will understand and appreciate the reason for the delay.


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The Chapel of Nefer & Kahay

£70.00 Incl. Delivery



Please read the following statement before ordering this book


A minor production fault in the printing of The Chapel of Irukaptah/The Chapel of Neferherenptah, has resulted in the possibility of a slight rippling to the top and bottom edges of the pages (Click on picture below). The fault is not significant and doesn't affect the print quality or binding. The books have been supplied shrink-wrapped, so it's not possible to open every copy to see if they have all been affected.


It is important you understand the existence of this potential fault before you order this book - because we have no alternative replacements.


By placing your order for this book you acknowledge that you were made aware of this fault before placing your order.


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The Chapel of Irukaptah

The Chapel of Neferherenptah

£70.00 Incl. Delivery


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