Coming to Love Florence: Fifteen Walks Around the City


by Sue Davies

Coming to love Florence ......

‘This comprehensive guide to one of the world’s most beautiful historic cities is a joy to read and a delight to look at. The author’s profound knowledge and lively style vividly bring to life Florence’s triumphs and tragedies, its monuments and museums, and the lives of its people, famous, infamous and obscure, throughout its mediaeval and Renaissance history. Compact, moderately priced, and beautifully illustrated with 18 maps and plans, 2 Medici family trees, and well over 300 colour photographs specially taken by Paolo Scremin and the author, this is the ideal companion for visitors to Florence.’


H. S. Smith


‘This is like having a ramble with a very knowledgeable friend. I like the informal style of the text, and the quotes from contemporary writers are a bonus which other guides do not have. I started reading, and found that I couldn’t put the book down. It is, literally, a ‘companion’, and a friendly and well-informed one.’


J. Frankfort


‘The author certainly has mastered the extensive historical lore of the city. The walks are intelligently laid out, and anyone who sets out to follow them will find her a pleasant and easy-going, not to mention a well-informed, guide.’


Prof. R. Goldthwaite

ISBN: 978-1-9996438-0-5

Price: £15.00 plus P&P - £3.00 UK

£5.50 Europe

£8.00 Rest of World

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